West Midlands Debt Collection

West Midlands Debt Collections

When a business is in the middle of an economic meltdown then it is crucial that they have access to all their monies. Debt recovery becomes crucial at this point and so a good credit control system is required. This process is sometimes very difficult to do and includes more than just writing letters and making calls. It is at this moment that one may require the services of a debt collection agency.

Debt collection in the West Midlands can prove to be very difficult because of the large number of businesses and people and as such you need to get the very best debt collectors to get the job done in the shortest time possible. Debt Collection Agency UK is a debt recovery agency that has your needs at heart. We are based at Wolverhampton where we have specialists who are well trained and always ready to address your needs. Our offices are always open for anyone, we serve the areas of Midlands and Shropshire including other areas like Willenhall and Bridgforth.

Why Choose Us?

Our services go beyond the normal debt recovery system of calls and letters, we insist on offering personalised tailor made solutions to all our customers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your case is solved in the shortest time possible and most importantly that you get your monies back.

Our services include dealing with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a common issue in West Midlands Debt Collection that can lead to litigation. We only offer bankruptcy services for those with debts owed to them over �750. We first issue the debtor with a statutory demand. This is a document demanding that bankruptcy proceedings commence after 21 days of issuance. During this time the debtor will have an 18 day period to dispute the demand or else face legal action in court. Our Debt Recovery team will then take it from here, we will do put our very best on the job and make sure that the matter is settled in the shortest time possible.

Comprehensive Service Coverage

We also deal with county court proceedings on your behalf. If in case the debtor fails to make payment after the letter before action is issued, then with your permission our team will make a claim at Court for you. The debtor will then have another 14 days to pay. If he acknowledges the debt another 14 days is added making it 28 days for them to pay. Other service offered include Enforcement, Pre-action Collection, Credit Control and many more.

Our costs are very fair, we have no hidden costs. We pride ourselves on being transparent and thus try to achieve maximum transparency with our operations. Our recovery costs are freely available on our website.

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