Debt Collection Agency Rights

Debt Collection Agency Rights

Debt for most of us is not novel. At one time or another you have probably fallen into debt or have loaned somebody money or an asset. In this economic climate it is not uncommon to find a lot of people having defaulted on their debts. At this time most people panic not knowing what to do. The creditor on the other hand on knowing that you have defaulted on the debt will most likely hire a debt collection agency UK to handle the matter for them. These companies are agencies that take the responsibility of pursuing the debt on behalf of the creditor. They include personnel who you will most likely encounter as they pursue the debt.

Debt Collectors

As a debtor it is important to know these people, what they are allowed to legally do and what are debt collection agency rights. The first thing you have to know is what exactly it is that debt collectors are allowed to do.

Debt collectors are not allowed to take from you your personal property without your consent. This is probably the most important detail that you as a creditor need to be aware of. No matter what the debt maybe a debtor will not take anything from you unless you give them permission to do so.

Debtors also are not allowed to contact you in any way late at night. This includes calls, texts and emails. When they come to your home they must give you prior notice and they are also only allowed to visit to discuss about the repayment of debt.


Bailiffs are also involved in debt collection. They are representatives of the court and are usually sent if you fail to pay debts such as a Council Tax Bill. They only come as a last resort after a letter or reminder has been sent to you. When a bailiff comes to your home you should first ask them for their ID to prove that they are officers. Also request for proof of the debt you owe.

Bailiffs are generally known to be very rude and sometimes force entry into your home. It is important to note that bailiffs are not allowed to force entry to your home. It is only under a court order that they are allowed to break in to your home.

Bailiffs are however allowed to charge you money if you do not let them in. They may even take possessions outside the house like your car that to repay the debt. It is also worth noting that if your door or window is open a bailiff is entitled to enter into your home.

If you do not have the payment at the time of the visit bailiffs are entitled to take items in your house as payment. However they are not allowed to take items that you need for your day to day life, things like your clothes or your cooker. If you have paid then be sure to get a receipt from them as proof of payment.

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