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An invoice is usually issued to a client once a product has been delivered, it is thus the responsibility of the client to pay the service provider. However there are times that the client seems not to honour the agreement and does not respond to the invoice, how do you go about this?

After collecting the unpaid invoices, it is first prudent that you try actually contacting your client to make sure that he got the invoices... [more]

Third Party Debt Collection

Many debtors over recent years because of the economic climate have been unable to honour their agreements as far as debt is concerned. It is the creditor�s duty to pursue the debt, however most creditors take advantage of the debtor�s predicament to benefit themselves... [more]

Debt Collection Agency Rights

Debt for most of us is not novel. At one time or another you have probably fallen into debt or have loaned somebody money or an asset... [more]

Online Debt Collection

The success of a business depends on how well they can manage credit. If a business is not able to manage their debt then they are well on the path to failure no matter how well their sales are... [more]

Bad Debt Collection

If there is a lesson we will pick from the last economic crisis is that debts no matter how well packaged, are dangerous for any institution. Mismanagement of debt is what led to the recent economic crisis that many developed nations are struggling to recover from... [more]

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