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Founded over 25 years ago, Debt Collection Agency UK began its existence by collecting the unpaid invoices of our clients while making sure that we never took sides. The neutral position of our collections agency is the backbone of our debt recovery ethos and our goal is to provide assistance to both parties in order to reach a peaceful settlement ensuring the clients' future business. We began helping our clients, building on this foundation, and their own clients as well regarding cash flow problems.

Debt Collection Agency UK is a member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and currently John is the chairman of our South Wales branch and throughout the region, he hosts regular events.

We are extremely happy to be selected as the only UK partner For Global Credit Solutions, a worldwide leader in risk management and credit control enterprise. International debt collection is now possible, because Debt Collection Agency UK has become a global debt collection company with over 100 offices, located in more than 90 countries.

We are excited to be certified members of R3. This is the Association of Business Recovery Professionals and is the leading organization for turnaround, restructuring and insolvency specialist in the UK.

We are aware of the fact that debt collection is probably the least pleasant side of any company or business, mostly because the majority of people have little to no knowledge about good debt collection practices. Using our specialized, flexible and focused service, we provide a no win, no fee debt collection service.

Additionally, we provide alternative debt recovery solutions to help you with the long-term management of your cash flow. In order to allow you to refocus your attention to the main core of your business, we can provide you with an outsourced credit control service. Maybe you'd like to discuss Confidential Invoice Discounting, or maybe assistance on credit control package would fit your needs better, or maybe you would like a review of your current arrangement, because you are with a factoring company. We will have the answer to any problem regarding your cash flow.

We have a wide range of clients from various industries, all in need of our guidance.

Are you a one-man-business?

With all other aspects of running a business, are you struggling to juggle your business? Do you have the inclination, effort and time to spend a number of hours chasing your invoices that should have been paid months ago? Would you prefer if your slow-payers were more expeditious in paying? For just £10 per invoice, Debt Collection Agency UK can provide a complete outsourced credit control facility.

Are you a big PPI/national company?

Do you have your very own in-house debt collection team? At the end of your process, what do you do? Do you have a back-up plan? Do you go straight to court? Would you prefer a more applicable option?

Are you in-between the above?

Is the late payment affecting your cash flow? Are you spending more time chasing the invoice than you were getting the sale?

Unless we have been successful in recovering debts from their customers, we have never charged our clients. The fact of the matter is since 2002, we are still active and we think that says it all.

Our no win no fee policy means what it says. There are no hidden or questionable ‘deposits, administration fees, joining fees, membership fees' and so on. Trust us, just when we think we have heard enough, some new collections agency will come up with a new phrase aimed at getting money out of you, before they even start doing anything to help you recover your debts.

On this matter, our advice is simple: don't give money upfront to any collections agency who will affirm they can recover your debts. They simply cannot make that kind of promises.

Debt Collection Agency UK developed from strength to strength in the South East region, after originally having just one office in London recovering bad debts for South East England and before we opened an office in Bristol in 2010. The whole of the UK is serviced by both offices and beyond and we are extremely thrilled about providing our one-of-a-kind debt collection services to new and old clients in the South West region.

With more than 60 years of combined experience in debt recovery, investigation and debt collection, our team of experts have a wealth of experience and training behind them, therefore they are capable of providing you with an efficient, ethical and professional debt collection service.

We are certain of our abilities, so if you have a collectable debt, we'll recover it for you. Because of that, our debt collection services for pre-legal collections operate on a no win no fee basis. There are no phone costs, letter writing fees or admin fees. You simply don't pay if we don't recover. In respect of you claim, we'll also act as mediators.

You have nothing to lose. Get in touch with us now, before it is too late.


Booted and suited, we aspire to follow all the required pre-action protocols, outlined by the justice system. The law is time-consuming beyond all reason, expensive to operate, complicated beyond practicality and instead of being embroiled in this you should focus your attention on growing and running your business. So you should just leave all of that to us and we will do anything in our power to collect your money.


Our business reputation is our most valuable, hard-earned and important asset. We will do nothing to endanger those reputations, because we know you have the same ethos for your business. Behind a company brand, logo or name, are real hard-working people. We do not deal with people's egos but with them in person. Our goal is to solve the problem behind non-payment, as promptly as we can.


Our job is not to take sides. Our main goal is to recover what is owed, if it is due and if it is collectable. We will mediate, substantiate and investigate wherever possible if the debt is contested or disputed in any way in order to reach peaceful agreement. We believe any dispute can be resolved with the cooperation of both parties without the need for expensive legal action.

Remember common sense is the key.

We are certain of our abilities, so if your debt can be recovered, we'll recover it for you.

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