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for advice as soon as possible if you are having difficulty or think you may have difficulty paying your business rates, please contact us.

Your online business rate statement informs you how much cash you pay for any and the dates you have to pay it year.

About a problem paying your bill, and you miss an instalment, we will ask you for payment if you haven't spoken to us. We really do not understand until it actually arrives on your account whether you have made a payment.

Indication observe

It is due, we will send you a reminder, asking for payment within seven days when you don't pay an instalment of business rates by the date.

You will lose the right to pay by instalments and you will have to pay the rest of the year's business rates in one go if you still don't pay.

You owe but you fall behind with your instalments again we will send a final notice if you pay the amount.

Last observe

The notice that is final you 7 days to pay for the complete number of businesses costs for the remainder of the entire year. The notice that is final show how much cash this is.

In the event that companies costs commonly compensated after a note or notice that is final come delivered, we'll render a criticism towards the Magistrates judge and a summons are going to be released, that may put expenses to your profile.

Us straight away if you have difficulty paying your business rates at any time, please contact. The audience is right here to simply help, but as soon as a summons is released your options is set, and installment plans should include bills.


After you have been sent a reminder notice or final notice, we make a complaint to the Magistrates Court, and a summons is issued if you don't pay your business rates.

A summons try a legal document suggesting the time and date that the magistrates will see against you, and where the hearing will take place whether they should issue a liability order.

It is going to show the quantity it relates to, and the costs you will have to pay that you owe, the financial years. We will not proceed with the application for a liability order if you make payment of the full amount shown on the summonses, including costs before the court hearing.

an obligation purchase was a need you owe, plus total costs of £100 for you to pay the full amount. The council is given by it higher forces to gather the funds you borrowed from making use of a variety of means.

If an accountability purchase is created, or it, we will take further action to recover the amount you owe if you set up a payment arrangement and don't keep to. This could possibly put administration broker motion, committal legal proceeding or case of bankruptcy procedures.

Do you really are obligated to pay businesses prices?

You can ask for a payment arrangement to clear the amount you owe if you owe business rates.

Administration representatives

By the time the magistrates issue a liability order, we will ask enforcement agents to collect the outstanding sum of money if you have not contacted us. We shall additionally advise administration representatives if more agreements to gather money crash, e.g. if one makes an arrangement to cover but try not to stick to they.

The costs will be added by the enforcement agents of performing this towards the utter they gather away from you. The greater amount of activity they must need, more the expense is going to be.

Once we recommend your own responsibility purchase to enforcement representatives, £75 prices is included with extent due. Further charges are supposed to be extra, in line with the actions the administration agencies need additionally the amount of cash due. The levels of costs the administration broker may charge tend to be given in guidelines consequently they are maybe not in the discernment of this administration representatives or perhaps the council.

As soon as the administration representative is advised, you shall suffer from her or him immediate. Any repayments or desires for an arrangement must directly be made using the administration representative.

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