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that you do owe the money if you get a letter saying you owe money on a debt you don't recognise, or which you thought you had paid off, you need to challenge the creditor to prove.

This article addresses characters that are answered to you " if a page to somebody else was sent to home, these pages describes how to handle it.

Before getting in touch with the collector, think of should it be likely that you may be obligated to pay this revenue? In case your name's James Lewis they might 've got the person that is wrong in the event your name's Edith poultry that is not as likely. You have been with Vodafone for the last 10 years, it probably isn't yours etc. if it seems to be a debt to Orange and

Then STOP " you need to talk to a specialist debt advisor, not reply to the creditor, as the time limit for recovering the debt may have run out, so you need to find out more about Statute-Barred Debt if it is possible that you do owe the money but the debt appears to be old, possibly more than six years old since you last made any payments to it.

But then you really need to create a "confirm they!" if you do not imagine your debt had been previously yours, or perhaps you were uncertain as well as being not apt to be near to six yrs. old," letter towards the debt collector. Neither refuse nor recognise your debt, ask them to just feed evidence that your debt was yours as observe:

Dear [Debt collection agency's Company],

I'm composing in reaction to a page away from you outdated [dd/mm/yy], a duplicate is actually connected.

Then please prove the debt in writing if you have reason to believe that a valid debt exists and that the Debtor resides at this address.

The FCA regulations state you simply cannot manage any collection task and soon you have inked thus.

Your own label

I would recommend you don't integrate your own phone number contained in this letter " handling this kind of thing by email are more enjoyable. Hold a duplicate with this page and submit they tape-recorded distribution.

The verification, whenever and that you do (or did) owe the money, or indeed indicate that it is somebody else who is the Debtor if it comes, should be enough of the following list to prove:

• Credit Software; Mortgage Arrangement;

• report of levels revealing facts and times of debits and loans like money, interest and fees towards the membership in addition to amount that is current;

• duplicate of standard observe, duplicate of conventional need; and

• where in fact the financial obligation has become offered, duplicates of emails from initial collector saying that, plus characters from latest lenders saying that.

They may jog your memory if they can produce these. Not all those items in the checklist might be around, but an adequate amount of all of them need to be to make clear the specific situation when they need go after you.

Then the debt collector may have been on a 'fishing expedition' and decided not to bother you any more " so if you don't hear anything, just file the letters away somewhere and don't worry if it all goes quiet. The debt collector has added this incorrect debt to your credit records " in that case you need to write to the debt collector again and repeat that this debt is not yours and tell them to remove the entry from your credit records with Experian Equifax and Call Credit unless of course. In this situation you will want to inform the Credit also guide companies that your debt is within disagreement.

Then you should write a second letter with COMPLAINT in capital letters at the top if no evidence is forthcoming but letters demanding payment continue to arrive.

Dear [Debt collection agency's Company],


On dd/mm/yy we request you to show my debt that is alleged to. We connected a duplicate of my personal page.

The FCA (Lowell's regulator) formula are unmistakeable that " Where discover a disagreement as to what personality with the debtor or hirer or regarding the level of your debt, it really is when it comes down to company (rather than the consumer) to ascertain, just like the situation could be, that the client will be the person that is correct regards to your debt or that the quantity could be the appropriate balance within the contract.

I really do maybe not are obligated to pay this funds. You really have neglected to emit any research that I actually do. About this debt I shall be complaining to the Financial Ombudsman if you do not cease to contact me.

[Please additionally erase the entries that are incorrect my personal credit score rating files.]

Your own title

Then I suggest you go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau or call UK Debt Collection Agency and ask for help in putting in a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman if they ignore this second letter.

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