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Debt Collection Notice

Debt Collection Notice

Every creditor has its own unique way of how he or she is dealing with individuals who are having financial difficulties and are unable to pay. However, despite their different ways of handling debt situations, all creditors do have one thing in common- they will do whatever it takes to recover as much money as possible. That's why their way of pursuing you to pay back what you owe is called debt collection process.

Doing what's best when you have a debt

You are doing the best you can with your debts by employing the services of our Debt Collection Agency UK. That way you are going to show your creditors that the debt collection notice they have sent will be taken under consideration.

Once the creditors learn that you are getting debt advice, the majority of them will be willing to cooperate and while you are handling the reduced payments they will only leave the debt collection notice without bothering you further.

Nevertheless, there are some creditors who will use different techniques and methods in order to make you pay more money than you actually owe. You might be worried or even scared by some of the creditors' techniques and methods. That's why in this article we are going to clear up the myths and explain to you the actions of the creditors so you can see that they are not as bad as you might think.

The process of debt collection and the truth behind it

When we discuss these so called “secrets”, we are focusing our attention on consumer credit debt, like for instance catalogues, unsecured loans and credit cards. Bear in mind that we are not going to discuss council tax or unpaid fines or secured debts or debt to HMRC.

A debt collection agency has your debt. Firstly, this is absolutely normal and usually it just means that your debt has been passed to other department that is part of the same company and you are receiving debt collection notice regarding the debt. You shouldn't worry about this at all. In some cases, it's better to be transferred to a different collection agency rather than being stuck with the same creditor, because the agency might turn out to be much easier and lenient to deal with.

Your home will be visited by one of our representatives. This is very unlikely, unless it is a doorstep loan. It is usually employed as a tactic so that you can give a call to your creditor. If the debt collection agency sends a doorstep agent, you should know that this agent hasn't got more powers than the one who's ringing you. It's important to know the difference between a bailiff and a debt collector.

The solicitors have your debt now. It might sound scary, but actually it's not. Some lenders employ the services of solicitors and they use the same techniques as other creditors.

You haven't paid us and that's why I'm calling. Even though there are rules regarding how many times a creditor can call you during the day, you can request a suspension from their calls.

You have neglected to fulfil your legal obligations. You receive a debt collection notice as a part of the early stages of debt collection process. It is better for you if the creditor issues the notice sooner rather than later, so that it will drop off from your credit file quicker. A debt collection notice just symbolizes the broken agreement with your creditor.

If you decide to employ the debt collection services of our Debt Collection Agency UK, you'll receive the necessary support and assistance in order to get you through this. Once you've contacted us and put a budget together, your creditors will know that you have addressed your debt issue and have a realistic plan to solve it.

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