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Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Debt Collection Agency UK is a family-owned agency with more than 20 years of experience in debt collection in our quest to recover debts for our clients, we leave no stone un-turned. We operate in the UK, Europe and worldwide, are regulated by the FCA and we have recognised quality assurance to ISO 9001.

Our service is one-of-a-kind and it is solely based on the saying that one size doesn't fit all. We will choose the most appropriate skills for your requirements from our hand-picked team of debt recovery experts and provide a specifically designed debt recovery approach that acts promptly to collect your debts.

In order to have one point of contact from start to finish, we provide each client with an account manager.

No problem is insuperable to us. Our goal is to become one of the most ethical and effective collection agencies in the UK through our key values of persistence, ingenuity, integrity and intuition.

In the debt collection industry, results are the acid test and ours are the best. As a matter of fact, we often recover debts that are “labelled” unrecoverable by other collection agencies. When we do this, we always comply with the principles laid down by the FCA regarding Treating Customers Fairly.

Our motto is - if a debt is collectable we will collect it.

We treat each debt as a new challenge and look at every challenge with fresh eyes, no matter how small, large or old the debt and regardless of location or industry sector.

We would love you to take our ‘Champion Challenge', because we're so certain of our ability to retrieve the irretrievable. In this challenge, you benchmark us against your present debt collection techniques and methods in order to settle which approach is the most efficient.

We have never suffered a loss in the ‘Champion Challenge' and would be happy to prove to you the reason behind this.

At every level, we are the smarter debt collector, from how we hire the best experts to the way we use the latest technology.

Our most important asset is the people. We hand-pick them for their expertise and experience in negotiation and their genuine determination to reason firmly and politely with your customers and overcome all confrontations to collecting debt payments.

Our employees use all available technology in order to boost their skills in making collections. We have designed bespoke state-of-the-art systems that quickly narrow down the data and enable our specialists to optimize their time and get in touch with the usually uncontactable as efficiently and promptly as possible.

A key part of our DNA is persistence. We carry on, where others have given up. We succeed, where others have failed. If someone has gone missing without a trace, we will not rest until we have located his or hers whereabouts and if someone has moved to a new house we will search indefatigably for their new telephone number or address.

When it comes to negotiating, our determination is just as unfaltering and because of that our clients are the first to receive the money that is owed to them by businesses.

When instructed to collect from consumers we are equally tenacious too, where we always operate with proportionality and forbearance in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Naturally, you want us to be relentless in our quest to recover your debt. However, you would expect us to be ethical, human and honest while doing it. The most effective approach is to handle each case on its own merits. We liaise and negotiate with your customers wherever possible in order to assist them in finding means to pay you back.

In addition, for dealing with vulnerable customers we have a team of specialists in place ensuring that they are always dealt with the necessary level of attention and care and in complete compliance with industry standards and rules. All steps taken will be proportionate to the special needs of the customer and the circumstances of the case.

We treat your business reputation as if it was ours and the same goes for your debts. With us, you will always be safe.

In order to keep you informed of progress at all times, we provide a 24/7 online portal because debt collection is a round-the-clock activity.

As a constant point of contact, you will have your own account manager and our proactive approach to debt collection won't allow you to be in the dark and you will always be informed on the latest developments regarding the case.

We will immediately email you with the good news once your debt has been fully collected.

Our reporting procedures can also be designed according to your business; like the service we provide. You can tell us how you want us to report.

At each stage of dealing with Debt Collection Agency UK you can expect more. Each debt collection agent will do anything in his or her power to get in touch with your customers and to assess their ability to pay. This includes: insolvency searches, land registry data and tracing databases, Electoral Roll information, evaluation of company accounts and trading histories, credit searches, directorship details and electronic searches.

We can also help you improve your late payment terms and conditions along with advising on settlement strategies and even provide you with any updated customer information we discover.

Our debt recovery service to clients is as comprehensive as our debt recovery procedures.

The best possible way to experience the essence of debt collection from Debt Collection Agency UK is to try our services. It won't take long enough for you to realise why our bespoke approach accomplishes the best debt collection results.

We deal with cases before any legal action has commenced, and because of that we are different from most collection agencies. We can assist our client with legal action if necessary and are happy to take on cases from clients after they have already secured a court judgement.

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